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I wish I could write this article from Berlin, but due to my Master Thesis deadline, I was unable to attend to the Berlin ownCloud conference.

Finally, GSoC is over and we (I should say we as it was almost impossible without help of Morris) finished the coding for the proposal that I've made.

I will be writing more on Music app and the latest progress, but first of all I would like to thank to Google, Morris Jobke, and ownCloud community for giving this opportunity to me.

In the previous article I wrote about the main major changes on the project and after this update, we did some refactoring stuff for better maintainability in the next versions. The code will be merged slowly, but until you see it included in the Music app, you will need to wait for some issues to be resolved:

  • Apps menu is not shown
  • Shuffle & repeat buttons are shifted
  • Mobile view - we want ownCloud web interface to be used in all environments

If you want to test the in-development code in your current ownCloud environment, clone the Music repository and change the active branch into playlist-last. To do that, run the following commands:

$cd your/ownCloud/path/apps

$git clone https://github.com/owncloud/music.git

$git checkout playlist-last

If you want to see the Pull Request on GitHub, you can go here.

Thank you again for ownCloud community for the great software!

PS: Please do not use this branch in production as this is just an experimental feature (yet)!


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