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Hello everyone,

It has been so long that I haven't found time to write about my GSoC progress on ownCloud.

As we have 10 days left for pencil-down, I would like to give a short update after my last post in week 7.


What I have so far:


  • In week 7, I already had some basic functionality for playlist operations, but after discussion with Morris, we decided to use pure angularJS instead of using old Ajax calls. So, now we have pure angularJS to do basic playlist operations such as add/rename/remove.
  • Another thing on proposal was to enable song addition to the playlists by drag&drop. By checking multiple ready-to-use directives, I decided to use angular-dragdrop which does not depend on jQuery. It took a while to understand the usage, but then it became so enjoyable to use.
    • So, we can now drag songs over the playlists to add them in.
    • A notification is shown if the action is successful.
  • One of the major functionalities of a playlist is to play all songs in it sequentially. With the previous implementation it was not possible, but now we are able to use PlaylistService which handles those kind of things.
  • Other minor implementations include:
    • Use icons instead of text for playlist operations
    • Remove songs from the playlist

See the short video for the current status (please ignore design issues :)):


See you soon.


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04.08.2014 01:37:15


Volkan Gezer


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