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In this category, I will be posting the progress that I am on with GSoC and ownCloud.

First, I should tell more about GSoC. GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is a program supported by Google to encourage students to code for Open Source software. And this year is the tenth year of this program. There are 190 open source organizations and more than 1300 students ready to code for open source. And me... I am one of them this year.

It is my first time in GSoC and I am so glad to be a part of a great community: ownCloud.

Just after I have heard about ownCloud as an open source replacement of Dropbox/GoogleDrive/SkyDrive, I was totally amazed and installed on my Kubuntu laptop.

Just like the excitement after buying a new phone, I started playing with it to learn as many features as possible. Here, I am not gonna talk about how powerful and great software it is, but the development status of my project in GSoC: Playlist Functionality for ownCloud Music App.

The following part is copy/paste from my proposal:

ownCloud is an open source file sync and share software for everyone. Its features can be expanded by installing applications. One of the applications of ownCloud is a Music Application which collects the music files on the user's folder and plays them.

My idea is to add a playlist functionality to this application. This functionality will have the following features:

  • Use your browser to play your songs using created playlists
  • Basic playlist operations can be done by web interface: Create/rename/remove playlists.
  • Drag and drop files
  • Since ownCloud is being used in all browsers, it will be only possible to play MP3 and maybe OGG files to support all of them.

In the future, these playlists could be shared to public or specific users for music streaming like online radio stations. Also, other file formats could be played after conversion with usage of some libraries.

From next week, I will be posting more detailed report about my progress. Until next time...

Happy hacking!


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04.05.2014 16:53:36


Volkan Gezer


gsoc, owncloud

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