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I wanted to start using the Banana Pi I won from ownCloud for useful stuff. For example as an Access Point (AP) since our router is quite bad.

As Banana Pi has less community members than Raspberry Pi, I was looking for a solution to setup as an AP with the easiest way.

Then I found a script which automates the process! Kudos to this guy :). For the script to be successful, you need a Debian based OS on your Pi. I was using Bananian 15.08.


Use the following commands to automate the process

# wget ""

# chmod +x
# ./

When it tells "Some of the WiFi chipset require special version of hostapd". You need to type yes.

After completion, restart your Pi. If you still don't see the WLAN on your list, execute the following and check the error message:

hostapd /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf

Good luck!

The original blog post for Raspberry Pi:


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